updated MAR 14 , 2018



34-608** BR Mk 1 Suburban 2nd Open Crimson $40.00
34-609** BR Mk 1 Suburban 2nd Crimson      x  3 $40.00ea

39-029E** BR Mk 1 SK Corridor 2nd Choc/Cream $50.00
39-054C** BR Mk 1 SO 2nd Open Choc/Cream        $50.00
39-078** BR Mk 1 BSK Brake/Corridor  BR Green $50.00
39-079C** BR Mk 1 BSK Brake/Corridor 2nd  Choc/Cream  Weathered $50.00
39-126G** BR Mk 1 CK Corridor/Comp Maroon   Weathered x 2 $50.00ea
39-129C** BR Mk 1 CK Corridor/Comp Choc/Cream  Weathered $50.00
39-154C** BR Mk 1 FK 1st Corridor  Choc/Cream  Weathered $50.00
39-176F** BR Mk 1 BG Full bRak Maroon Weathered $50.00
39-226E** BR Mk 1 BCK Brake/Comp Maroon Weathered $50.00
39-229E** BR Mk 1 BCK Brake Como  Chock/Cream  Weathered $50.00
39-271C** BR Mk 1 GUV Maroon Weathered $50.00
39-274A** BR Mk 1 GUV Blue/Grey Weathered SOLD
39-421 T.P.O. Sorting Van with Nets Royal Mail Red $78.00
39-525 Southern PLV Passenger Luggage Van S.R. Green           $47.00



Cat.No. Description Price

R4228** The Northumbrian Coach Pack  (3 Gresley Red/Cream Coaches)
R4235 BR (Ex LMS) Corridor 3rd Class Coach                            M1668M $40.00
R4237 BR (Ex LMS) 50' Full brake Coach                                   M31004M $40.00
R4332 LNER Teak Comp Coach            2 off                                22357        RR $30.00ea
R4344A BR Maunsell 1st Cl.Corridor Coach      Red/Cream $38.00
R4353 BR Mk1 Comp Coach                            Choc/Cream       W15612     RR             $30.00
R4354 BR Mk 1 2nd Open Coach                    Choc/Cream       W24330     RR $32.00
R4388 LMS Composite Coach           2 off      Maroon                    4183       RR $30.00ea
R4389 LMS Brake Coach                   2 off      Maroon                    5200       RR $30.00ea
R4608 BR Mk 1 2nd Class Coach with Lights    SR Green              S24305 $48.00
R4609A BR Mk 1 2nd Class Coach with Lights    SR Green              S34240 $48.00
R4698 BR Mk 1 Parcel Brake Coach                              2 off          E80534 $57.00ea
R4707 BR Mk 1 Corridor Brake 2nd                                                   E34010 $57.00
R4812 BR Mk 1 Corridor Comp      Red/Cream             2 off                           RR $33.00ea
R4813 BR Mk 1 Corridor 2nd Coach   Red/Cream         2 off                           RR $33.00ea
R4814 BR Mk 1 Corridor Brake Coach    Red/Cream  2 off                           RR $33.00ea